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Travel in southeast Asia Guide / ASEAN currently the major style show in the region is on here. 
plenty of georgeous girls available in ASEAN

About Phuket Girls

At Phuket Town

Phuket girls nightlife in Town Patong Karon Kata Rawai and more.
Start your engine and get stimulated since most are really pretty Thai girls.

They work in nightclubs as karaoke girls or dancer. Many like singing and dancing that's the reason why quite a lot of them work in go-go and coyote bars, actually they call this places "Cafe". This name in context to this venues come from Japan, they use it since a long time. Here are Asian girls picture of nightlife and modeling plus night shows. Phuket is an exotic island in the Andaman Sea at the west coast of south Thailand where already more than thousand years ago  intense cultural contacts started.

Today many people from the "west" retired here and that had often something to do with the pretty girls and some business only the variants of changed.
Southeast Asian Model Girls
Pretty young women's photos
Asian model girls and showgirls are the dreams of many western men who interpret all kind of sexy stuff into it and with many of them, it's a right guess.

Most ladies in the nightlife business (not only) are flexible and positive thinking not telling the guys to get lost when they try to start some physical speed dating.

It's hot in South East Asia and that's not only the air temperature, just browse the site, don't you see something interesting? It's time to get social. 

they are exotic, pretty and there is a high probability you can get into a closer encounter, not with all of them but with many.

The most positive experience men probably get with Thai, Myanmar, Korean and Cambodian women because they aren't blocked so much by religion as it is with Muslims and Christians.

Shows are performed every evening which makes the region very attractive as a holiday destination and usually there are entrance fees / cover charge.

This kind of an exotic fashion show is very popular in Myanmar (Burma), only the ladies might have a bit of a different idea since they must rent the dresses on their expenses and they really have to try hard to get someone to pay it.
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  4. Asian nightclub girls from Phuket
A karaoke club in Phuket Town.
Phuket Girls at work

Everyone likes virtual "eye candy"

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The night life in Phuket has several centers and the two most popular are for sure Patong / Bangla Road and Phuket Town. What makes them especially interesting are countless Phuket Girls which are mostly from elsewhere in Thailand. They work in the south and travel home from time to time many of them using the budget airlines with low prices which are often even cheaper than the buses.